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Claire Poley has been appointed by Circuit Court Judge Dolan as the Acting Prosecuting Attorney for Mississippi County following the death of Darren Cann.  Darren Cann served as the Mississippi County Prosecuting Attorney since September of 2004.
Darren Keith Cann
August 30, 1965 to September 16, 2021


Claire Poley - Prosecuting Attorney 

Prosecuting Attorney and Staff's Responsibilities:
  • Prosecutes crimes ranging from traffic tickets to murder.
  • Provides services to victims of crimes.
  • Works with Police and Sheriff's Departments to investigate crimes committed in the County.
  • Collects bad checks.
  • Enforces child support obligations.
Responsibilities and Duties of the Paralegal

Some of the duties of the paralegal include filing traffic tickets and criminal charges with the court, subpoenaing witnesses for hearings and trials, and general preparation of cases as they proceed through the criminal justice system.

  • In addition to these duties, the paralegal also collects bad checks turned over to the Prosecutor's Office.
  • In order to turn over a bad check for prosecution you must first fill out a Bad Check Affidavit provided by this office.  After doing so, you should submit the Affidavit along with the returned check to:
Prosecuting Attorney Bad Check Unit
PO Box 435
Charleston, MO  63834

  • The Prosecutor's Office will then send out a ten-day letter to the check writer.  If the check is paid, payment will be forwarded to the business that accepted the check within two weeks.  However, if payment is not made within ten days of the letter, the prosecutor will then attempt to prosecute the bad check writer.
  • At times prosecution of bad checks is not possible.  This occurs when the bad check writer is not able to be identified, if the check was post-dated or held, if the check is a third party, or if there is no social security number and/ or date of birth for the check writer.
The Mississippi County Prosecuting Attorney's Office will do everything possible to assist with the collection of a bad check.  Please feel free to contact the Prosecutor's Office with any questions you may have.

Responsibilities and Duties of the Child Support Clerk:

The Mississippi County Prosecuting Attorney's Office works under cooperative agreement with the Missouri Division of Child Support Enforcement to establish paternity and enforce orders for paternity and/or child support for the residents in Mississippi County. The Prosecuting Attorney's office does not initiate our own investigations.  The Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) has to refer the case to the prosecutor's office before we can work it. Anyone needing child support services should contact the Missouri Division of Child Support Enforcement in the county that he or she lives in.  In Mississippi County they need to contact:

Child Support Enforcement Unit
PO Box 821
Caruthersville, MO  63830
Or Call:

Once the Prosecutor’s Office receives a referral from the Division of Child Support Enforcement they will review the referral and determine if it is to be pursued as a civil or criminal case. This may mean filing a criminal nonsupport charge or a civil motion for contempt.  Some cases may only need a court order to establish paternity or they may need the court orders enforced.

The Mississippi County Prosecutor's office works very close with the Division of Child Support Enforcement in Caruthersville, Missouri.


200 N Main St., 1st Floor
PO Box 435
Charleston, MO  63834

(573)-683-2146 Ext. 2245 or 2246
Direct Line (573) 683-2540